Fellowships: We’re Seeking Open Internet Engineers

In countries with low internet penetration, one of the chief causes is often a lack of experienced network engineers. Without network engineering expertise, residents cannot build critical infrastructure.

Today, Mozilla is expanding its Fellowship program with a new track, focusing on core internet infrastructure in the Global South. We’re seeking Fellows for open internet engineering: developers who can help bring the unconnected — roughly four billion users in the Global South and remote locations — online.

These Fellowships are made possible by a collaboration between Mozilla, the Internet Society, and the Network Startup Resource Center. We’re investing $500,000 in the project — and seeking additional funding partners to expand the impact in the years to come. Apply


We're collaborating with Mozilla and the Network Startup Resource Center to offer an opportunity to open Internet engineers who can help connect the unconnected in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Apply for a Fellowship - send in your letter of intent by May 30 2019.

Details: https://medium.com/read-write-participate/fellowships-were-seeking-open-internet-engineers-66eed422cc28

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