ISOC@IGF Youth Ambassadors Program is now accepting applications! This is your chance to learn about internet governance and to attend yhe *The call for applications will close on 25 June 2019

Until the end of 2018, we have been running two different IGF-related fellowship programs: Youth@IGF Program and IGF Ambassadors.

Youth@IGF Program

Early in 2015, the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( identified the increased participation of youth from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region in Internet Governance processes and the Internet Governance Forum as a desired outcome of the IGF meeting.

Both, and the Internet Society have extensive experience in providing capacity building on Internet Governance through online courses and fellowships to previous IGFs. Therefore, the two organizations combined efforts to create the Youth@IGF Fellowship program to empower the next generation of leaders and increase the participation of young voices (ages 18-25) from LAC in the debates about Internet Governance.

Since then, and with our partners – NIC.MX, the Government of Mexico, Google, Microsoft and Verizon – the Youth@IGF program has brought around 200 youth from around the world to IGF 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, as part of our commitment to ensure the next generation of Internet leaders are primed to advance an Internet of opportunity for all.

The Youth@IGF Program provided an opportunity for leadership capacity building among the participants, and they concretely used their interests and synergies to build projects through their own efforts. Some of the projects include:

  • A Youth Declaration was read in many opportunities during the IGF.
  • An Internet Society Youth Special Interest Group (SIG)/Youth Observatory was created to use the power of the Internet to develop abilities in young adults and encourage them to participate in the development of the Internet environment and its governance.
  • Youth contribution to regional meeting, such as the African Internet Summit, EuroDIG, and others, increased.
  • Many Youth@IGF Fellows become Internet Society’s Chapter Leaders.
  • New civil society organizations were created. One of them is Digital Grassroots, an initiative that aims at increasing digital literacy amongst the young population (14 – 29 years) globally in order to promote their activity as stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem at the most basic levels.

IGF Ambassadors

The program started in 2007 with the aim to increase participation to the Internet Governance Forum of high potential young professionals (ages 20-40) with a strong interest in Internet Governance that can provide subject matter expertise and facilitate the exchange of information and best practices with key stakeholders by participating in the meetings. In the lead up to the Forum itself, each ambassador was paired with a mentor – an experienced IGF participant, often a former recipient of this award or Internet Society staff member – who helped them prepare and familiarize themselves with the relevant IGF materials, as well as acting as a point of contact at the meeting itself.

The IGF Ambassadors represented the Internet Society by promoting the organization’s positions on public policy issues related to the discussions happening at the IGF. They also contributed by providing local and regional perspectives and opinions to enhance the quality of the various sessions and workshops.

With the help of 187 ambassadorships, we have now a large pipeline of highly qualified individuals (156) who have gained valuable insights and experience through their exposure to a range of stakeholders from numerous disciplines across the Internet ecosystem and who have benefited from the high visibility of their engagement. Many of these persons have gone on deliver measurable contributions locally, regionally and internationally.

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