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The three day eLearning Africa Programme, which takes place from September 26 – 28, in Kigali, Rwanda, is online. eLearning Africa is a diverse, collaborative & transformative event that offers a multitude of ideas and tools which will help you to shape the future of learning and training. It offers inspiring keynotes, interactive sessions, lively debates, hands-on workshops and a comprehensive exhibition showcasing the latest learning tools and solutions. It brings together over 1200 pan African experts and practitioners from the academic, corporate and public sector all under one roof. Join them and register here.

Other highlights this month: a fantastic project on literacy in Kenya; microlearning and its positive effect to help fill the skills gap in Africa; John Gushit tell us what eLearning Africa did for him; and much more.

Roman Mager

Microlearning to Address Skills Gaps in Africa

The skills gaps in Africa are an immediate problem. “Employers across the region already identify inadequately skilled workforces as a major constraint to their businesses, including 41% of all firms in Tanzania, 30% in Kenya, 9% in South Africa and 6% in Nigeria. This pattern may get worse in the future. In South Africa alone, 39%... (More...)


Digital Intervention

A digital intervention to successfully train literacy and numeracy skills in Kakuma, Kenya

Along with the other arid and semi-arid lands, Turkana county has one of the lowest indicators of economic and social development in Kenya, with youth and women being the most affected. Youth not only face structural barriers to work but also deal with social and cultural blocks. Addressing...(More...)

ARA drones

Hope flies Drones

It is amazing to think what human ambition is truly capable of; particularly turning something of great adversity into one of hope, change agent none the less. If you had asked many people a few years ago what a drone was, don’t be surprised if the responses were aligned to a killing machine. (More...)


John Gushit

John Gushit eLA testimonial

I attended the eLearning Africa conference, organized by ICWE, for the first time in Benin in 2012 as a participant. During the conference, I had the opportunity to meet with various professionals and experts in the field of ICT, as well as with other people who make use of ICT platforms to implement.... (More...)


Invest in Africa Now!, matching African project promoters and investors worldwide

Invest in Africa Now! (IIAN) is a new private company which aims at matching African project promoters and investors. It uses a comprehensive approach - from scoping of interventions till investor feedback - aided by an online equity platform, advertising (TV, Digital and Print), a co-investment fund, and the organisation of investor meetings as well as other events and activities.(More...)



The ATOE project and the African Union’s Pan-Africanist Agenda 2063 – ICTs to help revive African identity

Africa will unite despite the obstacles it has faced for many centuries with the Pan-Africanism movement as a foundation. The effort to achieve this unity encompasses the need for Africans at home and in diasporas around the world to go back to their roots, sources, customs, and traditions as well as to regain and embrace their past and identity. (More...)





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