Over 800 participants from 70 countries have already registered for eLearning Africa 2018 and new registrations are coming in daily from all corners of the world. Do not miss this only chance in the year to meet the leading stakeholders in ICT, education, training and skills development, together at eLearning Africa all under one roof during three full and action-packed days!

This edition of eLearning Africa Newsletter focuses on some of the highlights of the upcoming Conference and Exhibition taking place in Kigali, Rwanda, next week, and includes the following stories and news:

Find out how improvisation as a method can enhance efficiency and creativity in the workplace; join us at the African Development Bank's panel discussion on scaling up ICT for education, capacity development and knowledge dissemination; get an insight into the German government’s development policy approaches for girls and women with their innovative project WeCode; read about the Internet Society’s initiative on developing the Internet for education in Africa; be the first to see who made it to the top 100 'African Movers and Shakers in Online Learning' list; and find out from Satu Järvinen why Open Badges for validating skills will support employment and last but not least learn from John Nduri what humanitarian learning means.

For more pioneering, thought-provoking and inspiring discussions and talks join us at eLearning Africa, next week in the Kigali Convention Center, Rwanda!

AfDB Special Session: Scaling Up ICT for Education, Capacity Development and Knowledge Dissemination

Despite considerable advances, many Africans lack the capacities to take advantage of the unique opportunities that will accompany what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. (More...)

Improvisation: The Infrastructure of Communicating and Connecting

African music is the birthplace of what became jazz, and the essence of jazz is improvisation. And since the 1990s, American businesses have been turning to improvisation (improv) training centres for help with team building and communication. (More...)

Skills for the digital age. And for all.

Three Approaches of German Development Policy for a More Inclusive Future. With an average age of only nineteen, the African continent has the youngest and fastest growing population. Its youth promises to be a catalyst for innovation, change and economic growth. Its rejuvenating population, however, will need about 20 million new jobs... (More...)

Internet for education in Africa

There is no doubt that the Internet is a powerful enabler for education as it provides access to information, different learning opportunities and new ideas that could contribute to both social and economic development. However, it is important to remember that well over half of the world’s population has no direct experience of using the Internet at all. (More...)

Digital badges offer a paradigm shift in skills validation

At the moment, few places in the world are more interesting than Africa when it comes to discussions related to education and skills development. The Continent has unique challenges that differ from those in most of the world...(More...)

Innovations in Humanitarian Learning

It is not debatable that humanitarian crises are widespread across the world, with African populations bearing the brunt of more recurrent and severe natural and man-made disasters. In contributing to preparedness and response, local, national and international humanitarian organisations... (More...)


Africa’s Movers and Shakers in Corporate Online Learning 2018

The list of 'African Movers and Shakers in online Learning' has been released just in time for this year's eLearning Africa conference! We are delighted that so many of this year’s Africa’s leading learning „movers and shakers“ are part of the eLearning Africa network, which is perhaps the most influential online learning network in Africa and, although it is not formally connected to the List of Movers and Shakers, we are delighted that so many people appearing on it will be at the forthcoming conference in Kigali.

To check the complete list of African Movers and Shakers in online Learning including, please visit: eLearning News


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