Position Description

Web Strategy & Content Sr. Manager

Primary Location Los Angeles

Possible Hiring Locations Remote US

Department 0210 - Communications

Lien direct

Position Summary

ICANN seeks a digital content professional with strong communication skills who will lead and manage the strategy, roadmap and content and feature production and development of ICANN.org. This position will work with content owners and producers, graphic and UX designers, and product managers and developers to write, design, develop, produce and maintain the content and features of ICANN.org. Must be creative and have strong editorial, written, design, social media and project management skills. Knowledge of and experience with Drupal and Rails environment is an asset.

Key Responsibilities:

•    Collaborate with content owners, writers, technical writers, graphic designers, UX designers, product managers, business analysts, developments teams and the user community to fulfill new content and feature requirements on ICANN.org.
•    Lead ICANN.org strategy, roadmap, feature prioritization, planning, design, and analytics.
•    Work closely with the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, and the Legal and Policy Departments to ensure that ICANN.org content is aligned with ICANN’s mission and Bylaws.
•    Assist in proofing new and existing written content on ICANN.org to ensure that it follows ICANN’s Writing Style Guidelines and adheres to ICANN’s technical and legal standards.
•    Maintain ICANN.org content owned by the Communications Department, including the homepage, and publishing of specific web content.
•    Work with ICANN’s graphic designer and graphic design vendors to ensure that visual content for ICANN.org follows ICANN’s Visual Style Guide.
•    Work with ICANN UX designer and UX design vendors to ensure that ICANN.org adheres to UX best practices and mobile first design standards.
•    Test and evaluate updated content to identify and resolve any functional errors, broken links or typos.
•    Work closely with the Language Services Department to ensure that new content and feature development is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
•    Review existing untranslated ICANN.org content and develop project plan with Communications and Language Services Departments to prioritize content translation.
•    Lead and work with the Web Development Team to prioritize the content maintenance and site development ticket queues for ICANN.org; review work and ensure quality, consistency, and timeliness of delivery.
•    Manage, create and maintain project plan and SLA for ICANN.org for new content, feature requests, and ongoing bug fixes. Perform this work in collaboration with Product Management and Development Teams.
•    Follow best practices to design, streamline and write guidelines for the ICANN organization on submission of new content and feature requests.
•    Write user guidelines for content owners on how to maintain ICANN.org pages.
•    Support Product Management in Quality Control Reporting and Quality Control Planning documentation.
•    Deliver quality ICANN.org content and features under tight deadlines.
•    Lead and review design, layout, navigation and functionality to improve usability and accessibility – adhering to Level A and Level AA as outlined in the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
•    Review social media integration and news syndication on ICANN.org, and develop strategy plan to improve current methods.
•    Create images, embed audio, video and multimedia; generate forms, polls and surveys.
•    Assess and respond to organization and community user requests while maintaining security, confidentiality and professionalism.
•    Analyze and create monthly and quarterly ICANN.org usage report using Google Analytics data.
•    Perform other duties as assigned or requested.

Required KSAs:

•    Broad knowledge and experience in understanding trends in content, social media and web strategy and development, including mobile content platforms, content distribution and social media principles.
•    Average skills in HTML5 and CSS3 markup, JavaScript implementation, understanding of Drupal and Rails development and mobile content delivery strategies.
•    Excellent spoken, written and visual communications. Superior knowledge of web compliance standards, web best practices and usability and accessibility trends. Excellent grasp of web and aesthetic design concepts. Adherence to written and visual guidelines and web content best practices.
•    Demonstrated ability to create and manage editorial and development project plans in collaboration with Product Management and Development Teams, and vendors, within budgets and timelines with consistent and quality outcomes. Strong experience working with development and product management teams.
•    General knowledge of: agile and waterfall methodologies, and Drupal and Rails environments.
•    Specialized knowledge of creating and implementing governance, strategy and delivery of web content.
•    Experience in ability to manage and lead others while dealing with challenging personal interaction styles, from the confrontational to the indecisive. Proven ability to prevent issues and troubleshoot complex problems.

Education and Experience Requirements:
•    Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, multimedia, information architecture, usability, interface design or similar field.  Advanced degree preferred.
•    Equivalent experience minimum 12 years technical and editorial production experience with a Bachelor’s Degree or 8 years of experience with an Advanced degree, including but not limited to: web production, news and multimedia production, social media management, site development, content development.
•    Specialized training in adobe Acrobat Professional; Adobe Connect remote conferencing system; Audacity audio editor, bit.ly URL shortener; YouTube video hosting and management systems; Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers; HTML authoring software; Facebook; Flickr; Twitter; LinkedIn; Google Calendar; Google Analytics; Google Search Appliance; iContact; Marketo or Constant Contact; Samanage request ticketing system; Jira development ticketing system; KeePass; Broken link crawler tools; Browser compliance testing tools; Microsoft Office suite; including Outlook; Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Photoshop; Drupal, Rails, Skype, VPN.

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Position Description:Web Strategy & Content Sr. Manager...
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